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Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, Project Saffron is a premier destination for exquisite Custom Drapery and Curtains. Founded by the visionary Samira Siddiqui, who brings a wealth of experience from the fashion industry, our brand seamlessly merges the worlds of style, fashion and home decor.

Following a decade of residence in New York City, Samira made the choice to move to Los Angeles, renowned as the epicenter of architectural and design excellence to pursue her passion in the interior decor space. As she arranged her new residence in Los Angeles and embarked on a search for curtains, Samira came to the realization that the market presented limited choices. The fabric selections accessible for crafting bespoke window coverings were notably ordinary and uninspiring. With her deep-rooted passion for textiles and colors fostered in her upbringing in India, Samira recognized the imperative for a broader array of choices, catering to all who seek to authentically personalize their spaces through curtains. Our unparalleled assortment of fabric options stands as a testament to this ethos within the industry.

Samira firmly believes that a home should transcend mere utility and functionality, embracing the essence of fashion and style and our curtains do just that by infusing a touch of artistry and elegance through our vast curtain offerings.

Drawing inspiration from her rich cultural heritage, through her brand, Samira aims to create spaces that go beyond the ordinary. Through vibrant colors, carefully curated accents, and sumptuous textiles, Project Saffron breathes life into interiors, transforming them into harmonious abodes that radiate warmth and beauty.

Experience the artistry of our designs as we weave together the worlds of style, fashion and home decor, crafting custom drapery and curtains that transcend expectations. Step into a world where your living space becomes a canvas, reflecting your unique personality and embracing the allure of textile fashion. Welcome to Project Saffron, where style and comfort intertwine to create living spaces that are truly exceptional.
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